Efraim Sneh - An accomplice in the
murder of Yitzhak Rabin

This video was shown one time on Israeli TV the night of Yitzhak Rabin's murder

Here is the video in .wmv format

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Here is the translation:
Minister of Health, Member of Knesset and Doctor Efraim Sneh:

(the caption above states that "the Ministers are leaving the hospital")
Sneh: At 11:10 this evening, as a result of a murderous assassin and incitement Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered. Yitzhak Rabin was wounded by three bullets. A bullet to the chest, another bullet to the stomach, and a third to the spinal cord. The wounds were harsh and Yitzhak Rabin came to the hospital without a pulse or blood pressure. Tremendous and extended revitalization efforts did not succeed. This was a political assassination that was made possible by the incredible incitement against Yitzhak Rabin personally.

comments by David : Doctor Efraim Sneh is an accomplice in the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. Dr. Sneh is still a member of Knesset but actually should be in jail as an anti-semitic cowardly weasel. When a normal person sees this video he realizes that Dr. Sneh is telling the truth. Doctor Sneh was just at Yitzhak Rabin's bedside and read the medical notes. Yitzhak Rabin did receive a bullet to the chest, stomach and spinal cord. Again, Dr. Sneh is telling the truth. The problem was that there were multiple witnesses who saw Yigal Amir point a pistol at Yitzhak Rabin's back. As if the lone assassin requested that Yitzhak Rabin should turn around so that he can shot both his chest and back.

Well, what would a killer like Shimon Peres do when he makes so many mistakes in the murder of Yitzhak Rabin? Firstly, this video has never been shown again on Israeli TV. In August 2005, I received this video and the Yitzhak Rabin murder "Kempler video" and put them on my web sites.
I actually thought that the killers would be on trial in the not to distant future. I actually telemarketed, faxed and emailed the entire Knesset over a six day period from morning to night. Being a professional shmoozer, I ended up talking with the every Knesset office multiple times. Finally, a member of Knesset, Nissim Zeev, invited me to the Knesset to talk. Being "just an honest guy", I actually thought that I was informing the lawmakers of the State of Israel of this "new evidence." Nissim Zeev told me that he could not do anything now but that I was more than welcome to roam the halls of the Knesset to meet my friends who I met from six days of phone calls, emails and faxes. Being in the Knesset for two days was a great experience meeting and I met many of my phone friends.

I met a real nice girl in the Knesset. As I entered the offices of the Labor party in the Knesset and approached a smiling, cute 30 year and gave the whole "shpeel" of how the "Yitzhak Rabin murder video" and the "Efraim Sneh video" prove that the killers of Yitzhak Rabin are, in fact, free. The girl just continued with her cute smile and was very sweet. I asked her to come with me dancing that night, but she said she could not go out that night. Oh well,

The next day, while walking the hall with my new friend Avi and Avi points to the 30 year cute girl and says in a loud a voice "do you know who that is?" I get a bit nervous and the girl is also a bit tense. The girl is Chava Sneh, the daughter of Efraim Sneh. Chava Sneh knows the implication of her father's TV interview. Since all the evidence is online it is just a matter of time before the whole world knows that Efraim Sneh was an accomplice in the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. An interesting note in the story, the week previous I spoke with the spokesman of Efraim Sneh and the spokesman initially did not believe that his boss, Efraim Sneh, was interviewed on TV the night of Yitzhak Rabin's murder.
We spoke again the next day after I emailed him the interview. The spokesman now knew that his boss was involved in the murder of Yitz
hak Rabin.

On the third day I was not permitted to enter the Knesset for "security reasons." The direct result of my eight days of work was that State Attorney General told the public that the Yitzhak Rabin assassination was not caused by incitement from the Rabbis.

On a personal level, I now knew that every member of Knesset, staffer and spokesman knows that the killers of Yitzhak Rabin were free. Thirty days later Shimon Peres slandered me in the Labor political party newspaper.

Many people have said to me. David, how can you be so confident in knowing that Shimon Peres ordered the murder of Yitzhak Rabin? Well, folks. When the glove fits... sometimes we actually have the killer. Shimon Peres actions and reactions are typical of a killer. I just hope that Shimon Peres will stand trial for the murder of Yitzhak Rabin before one of these three events occur.

Shimon Peres is murdered by those who want to keep the Yitzhak Rabin murder "under the carpet."
Shimon Peres commits suicide.
Shimon Peres dies of natural causes.

Here is just a sample of the medical records (this is in english) that caused Dr. Barabash to tell the truth the night of the murder. In english the medical report says GSW (gun shot wound) to chest and abdoman. You can see the word spleen and spinal shock.

by David
David Rutstein holding  sign  "Shimon Peres ordered the murder of Yitzhak Rabin"Yigal Amir again shoots with his right armYigal Amir Yideot Acharonot famous photo

Yigal  Amir reenactment with right armNov 4,  2005 in Israel's biggest paper, that famous picture of Yigal Amir shooting with left arm