Introducing The Concept Of Legal System

From the beginning of humanity, the human beings like all living beings fulfilled their function in a relationship. They establish relationships with other individuals as well as learning to navigate the environment around them, and it was so settled that they were the first villages or tribes that resulted in organizations that led the primitives societies.

In these ancient forms of social organization was a voice command or agents that were erected from the rest by various factors establishing exercise of power. Taking this election in who was the strongest or choosing who the elders, acting effectively in conflict resolution, mediation between citizens and also the fate of the common property of a particular community. The concept of law and judicial system has been one of the foundations of human civilization.

With the emergence of political ideas and different philosophical, cultural and political conceptions, societies have evolved after hundreds of years to become what today are known as Rule of Law. In which it is agreed or sets what is the Magna Carta or Constitution where establishes not only the form of government chosen but also the limits of the State and the implementation of the various branches of government.

Between this division of powers is the set up the Judiciary. Which is the one responsible for the Administration of Justice in the scope of the territory that has been established over the country, through the correct application and interpretation of the Legal Norms, which have been duly sanctioned and promulgated by the legislature, also interacting with the executive branch by approving them.

Considering the impact of law and legal system in our society and daily life, the importance of knowing the law cannot be stressed enough. It’s not only the legal practitioners that should be aware the law but every individual that is subject to that particular law. That is why this website publishes articles about legal matters.

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